Passionate. Authentic. Magnetic.

With her soulful pop sound and powerhouse vocals, Beth Brandy has confidently launched herself onto the pop and funk music scene. Hailing from Essex, UK, Beth initially found viral success through smashing Ariana Grande’s infamous high note in “Bang Bang,” which gained her a following of 100k on TikTok overnight. She soon began working with leading producers Etienne and John Lindhal to write and produce her own music. More recently, Beth Brandy has been working closely with Grammy award-winning songwriter and executive producer Sam Hook. Under his mentorship, the duo has collaborated to release her debut singles, “Magic” and “Irresponsible,” and her new EP Double Standards.

Beth Brandy’s musical inspirations include Anderson .Paak, Michael Jackson’s funk-driven beats, and Silk Sonic’s original and modern take on 80s funk music. Christina Aguilera and Ariana Grande’s aesthetics and vocal ranges not only molded Beth Brandy’s visual look, but have also inspired her to push herself to emulate their vocal abilities.

Released in spring 2024, the Double Standards EP delivers songs with clever and cheeky narratives, like making fun of herself for having ‘double standards,’ sharing beautiful love ballads, and confessing to the guilty pleasure of being ‘irresponsible.’ “Sam really helped me make my sound come to life,” Beth explains. “I said I wanted my music to sound like ‘Ariana hopped on a Silk Sonic beat,’ and that’s exactly the type of music we made.”


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